The Gopher State

This is a brand new page we have developed for businesses in Minnesota.

Minnesota Solar Power is where the new page of ours is located and it has some information and facts for property owners to get hold of installers in their area.

There is an optional form on this page that makes it possible for the reader to place their email address and name and it allows motivated local contractors to speak to them with an offer to get together and receive a formal service estimate.

More and more Minnesota residents are having solar packages hooked up. The figure rises each year. But not all properties are smart candidates for a solar powered system.

A qualified advisor is the only person who let you know for sure if your house is a decent prospect for a solar energy installment. They can check out your home and present you with their prognosis.

It’s smart to read about other individuals’ stories and accounts, so if you have worked with one of these firms before, please just send us a brief email telling us about your experience.