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Up in Maine

Homeowners in Maine now have a means to locate solar energy companies in their area. We have designed a new page on our website that discusses this.

This new page on our website supplies specifics about solar panels in Maine and provides a method for homeowners to get in contact with local technicians.

There is an optional form on this page that makes it possible for the reader to leave their email address and name and it encourages motivated local companies to get in touch with them with an offer to get together and obtain a formal service estimate.

Solar electric systems are getting to be more common in Maine and your residence might be a good candidate.

Solar electrical packages work good for many single-family properties, but not for all. A skilled contractor can examine a property and produce an estimation of labor and equipment charges, along with a estimate about what future energy cost savings could be.

We are interested in listening to your remarks or reviews of any area business you have had some experience with.