Hey Connecticut

The newest page on our site is all about contractors throughout Connecticut>

This new page on our site offers details about Connecticut solar companies and provides a method for homeowners to get in contact with local contractors.

The area of this page that many people find helpful is the optional form where visitors can put in their details and have local companies call them and perhaps bid on their project.

Solar electric installations are becoming more prevalent in Connecticut and your residence might be a terrific candidate.

Getting in contact with a professional contractor is the easiest way to find out if your home has the prerequisites to support a sun power system. Contractors stop by a residence, examine the property’s exposure to the sun, look at the layout of the roof and determine the average electric consumption. They can figure out whether or not someone should move forward with installing a solar package.

Our site is curious to hear from homeowners who have done business with a solar power installation organization already. If you fall into this grouping and would want to submit a remark about your experience, we will gladly read it.