First of New Year

There is a brand new page on our website today. It is all about local contractors who handle solar-powered projects in West Virginia.

This new page on our site supplies information about WV solar installers and offers a system for homeowners to get in contact with local building contractors.

The spot of this page that most people find useful is the form where visitors can provide their information and have local installers call them and perhaps bid on their project.

Solar power installations are getting to be more popular in West Virginia and your residence might be a terrific candidate.

The only real way to see whether solar is appropriate for your situation is to have a certified adviser come by and check your house out. They are certified to check out your house and give you a good answer.

Do you have any work history with any of these types of contractors? If so, maybe you could submit us a quick letter describing your experience with them. That would be beneficial to other readers.