California is a Big Solar Market

California is easily one of the biggest states for residential solar power capture systems.

And the contractors of California are now represented on our website.

The new page is called California Solar (pretty obvious) and it includes some facts about contractors that are there for house owners and building owners in the California.

There is a form on this page that makes it possible for the reader to place their email address and name and it allows active local contractors to get in touch with them with an offer to meet and collect a formal estimate.

More and more California house owners are getting solar power systems installed. The figure rises each year. But not all homes are decent prospects for a solar powered system.

Solar electrical products work well for many single-family houses, but not for every one. A certified installation technician can examine a property and construct an estimation of installment and equipment costs, plus a estimate about what future electrical cost savings might be.

It’s good to learn about other homeowners’ stories and accounts, so if you have already worked with one of these companies before, please send us a brief email letting us know about your experience with them.